Strap Sizing Guide

To help you determine your watch strap size, I have come up with a LUG X BAR’s version of strap sizing guide that answers 2 important question, when buying a watch strap:

  • What strap fit your watch: Measure your watch’s Lug Width
  • What strap fit your wrist: Strap length measurements


Measure your watch’s Lug Width

Make sure that the strap that you get has the same width as that of your watch’s lug. To do this, measure the horizontal distance with a straight ruler between the 2 lugs and you will get your Lug Width.


Strap Length measurements

This section is more suitable for that of 2 piece straps. For one piece straps such as our Nato and Zulu straps, they custom made longer so that they fit wrists of all sizes and wearers would face less of a fitting issue. The below is crafted to get the most accurate sense of fit.

a. Measure the circumference of your wrist with a paper ruler or a string wrapping around your wrist. Then, lay the string straight against that of a ruler to get your wrist size.how to determine my strap size, what is my strap length, what is my wrist size, find my strap length, find my wrist size

b. Next, you would require the following measurements (refer to first image):

i) Length of short end + Length of long end (till the first hole)
ii) Length of short end + Length of long end (till the last hole)
iii) Lug Length

c. As long as your (a) circumference of your wrist is anywhere between the measurements of:

(biii) + (bi) and (biii) + (bii),

then the strap would fit your wrist size. [Lug length + Length of short end + Length of long end (first hole to last hole)]. In other words you would want your wrist to be within the possible circumference of your watch + the strap.

You may want to allow some additional buffer for (a) the circumference of your wrist of about 15 to 25mm depending on how tight you would want the strap yo be worn.

Mathematically, it can be shown as:

(biii) + (bi) <  wrist circumference + buffer  < (biii) + (bii)


Alternatively, if you already have a strap that you use and you know the strap specifications, you could base it off on that to get your measurements. You may also follow your gut feel on what might suit you by following a less intricate method. You just look at the Short End and Long End of the strap by referring to the product specifications in each product.


Contact us at lugxbar@gmail.com if you like more help with strap sizing.