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We have partnered with Corrigia Vintage Leatherworks to share with like-minded watch enthusiast and lovers of handmade leather strap and works.

Corrigia is one of the leather makers which uses vintage tooling and technique. Started off as a bespoke watch strap maker, it now has other handmade leather products. Hailed from Germany, Corrigia is known to make true to vintage Panerai straps such as the 74, Egiziano straps. It utilises antique tools and method to re-create the feel and antique effects on the strap. Each strap requiring a dedicated amount of time and effort. 

We are offering 19% + 10% discount on all Corrigia watch straps and leather works. 

First 19% comes from the VAT discount.(due to exchange rate conversion it may not be accurate. 

Second 10% comes from a bulk order discount I managed to secure from Corrigia, as a formation of a larger partnership deal with him. Hence, I am passing these savings onto you! To meet these requirements, I would need the help of fellow watch lovers out there.

I have put together this plan for watch lovers who are looking for vintage feel straps using traditional crafting methods. I do love the works of Corrigia and want to spread this love message to like-minded watch enthusiast.

This plan I have applies to any Corrigia leather works and not just limited to watch strap. I chose the watch strap because it is close relative to my hobby. you have an eye for other handmade leather products by Corrigia feel free to let me know too.

How will it work:

1) Take note of the watch strap customisation possibilities at


that you would want in your strap. Note down the link and the customisation options. Add them to cart and you will be able to see your customisation selection.

Aside from the watch strap, this discount applies to anything in the store.

2) Send me your product link + price shown in the shopping cart + the screenshot / copy of your customisation selection via email at lugxbar@gmail.com

3) I will collate at least 4 to 5 orders first and then proceed to make the purchase on your behalf. So give me some time to collate orders, or if you have friends that are fans of Corrigia leather products made with vintage techniques do help them out to enjoy this awesome discount!

4) I will need time to collate orders. Do be patient. Upon successful, order collation. I will reach out to you to make 50% payment of your (shopping cart price * 0.81)*0.9

5) I will then place your orders with Corrigia based on your customisation requests if any, and then it will take 12 working days for your strap to be made. + extra some time spend on shipping.

6) I will reach out again to you to complete the payment of the remaining 50% once the strap has arrived and then I will ship your straps out to you for a very minimal USD5 or free depends on your order size.

Just FYI, straps can be customised to any lug width to watches like Rolex/Rolex Submariner, Tudor, Omega, Ball, IWC pilot, Corum, Audemars Piguet AP, Apple watch, Panerai and many more, up to what you can think of.

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