About Us

It all began with selling on Carousell (an online C2C platform/community marketplace in Singapore). it has all along been just a hobby of mine, sharing watch straps and accessories with the community of watch lovers. Great support comes from my team of family members. To ensure my commitment to customers gets delivered, they sometimes do help with order fulfilment, such as meeting up with buyers and delivering the parcels on my behalf. They definitely do deserve the some credit!

About Us - LUGXBAR's team of family members

So…. I decided to bring my passion for watches to you with an online store! 

LUG X BAR is an online store home-grown in Singapore. Our collection includes watch related products such as watch straps and accessories, which are added to the our collection only after I have a positive experience using them. So you can be sure that you are getting the best made straps. Working with our trusted manufacturers for years, we not only establish a good working relationship them but also we have understood their manufacturing process and materials used. At times we also want to look into their source of raw materials. This is my value proposition to you and also, I want to be able to justify the value that you can get out of your support for us.

I would want to hear from you; what you like to see in our collection and how our products can improve. In the future, I would be interested to include watches into our catalogue. So stay tuned. Feel free to drop me an email at lugxbar@gmail.com if you have any feedback. I am open to ideas and glad to hear from you!

Our team stays the same, it comprises of my lovely family members and of course, myself! Though I will doing most of the preparation, my family will help me out sometimes with fulfilment of orders when I face trouble handling the massive orders.  


Thank you for your support!