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This is a handmade watch buckle custom made from one of the master craftsmen in Thailand! From the finishing to the bare cutting and shaving, everything is done by hand. You can see it from the brushed textured finishing in the picture, it entails a little imperfection but it is all part of the handmade process. I don’t think you can find such a piece anywhere else.

It is made for easy removal and installation as it uses screw-in bars. Due to the tougher process of making buckles with screw-in bars, many buckles these day comes with the spring bar loaded option. This is a rare piece of the artisan-made buckle and the last bits left in the handmade buckle history as this craft is slowly dying out.

Brass: For the brass version, please expect patina to form along with usage as it oxidises. This patina is as a result of an oxidisation process, where it is due to the natural properties of the material to form a layer of protective coating around the metal. This gives your buckle a one and only unique character.

Steel: For the steel version, it is a solid block of 316 steel. It would not oxidise and definitely will keep its shine throughout the years of use.

These are the last few that I have remaining. So grab them while they last. I would not be restocking them anymore. Goes well with straps for Pam.





Hardware Finishing


Hardware material

Brass / Stainless Steel 316


Handmade watch buckle

What’s included?

Screw in watch buckle

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