G-SHOCK ADAPTER FOR ZULU / NATO STRAPS (free spring bars and tool!)

G-Shock Adapter

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Customers usually pair their G-Shocks with a perfect fit on the 24mm ZULU or with some lug gap on the 22mm ZULLU

Exercise your outdoor self with this adapter allowing you to mount Zulu or Nato straps with your G-Shock. Always wearing the OEM resin band could be dull. So why not try something new, give your G-Shock a new life! 

Comes with 2 pair of 16mm spring bars and a removal tool for your strap removal ease. The spring bars provided are slightly thinner so that it would be easier for the fit of the adapter for some G-Shock watch models.

Compatible fully with the following G-Shock models: 
DW5000, DW5200, DW5300, DW5300CV, DW5600/GW5600, DW5610/GWM5610, DW6100, DW6200, DW6500, DW6900/G6900, DW9052, G2500, G7900, G8900, G100/GA100/GD100/GDF100, GA110, GA120/GD120, GA400, GA700, GG1000, GA2100, G8900, G9100, GW9200, GL7200, GLS5600 and other 16mm model (not all 16mm can fit)

Compatible but with some difficulty in the fit:
5600, 5610

Compatible but with some modifications requiring a trim for adapters to fit:
GD350, GX56, G9300, GW9400

NOT compatible with the following G-Shock models:
G9000, GA1000, MRG and GST series


The above list is not exhaustive. To ensure that you have a positive purchase experience, please check with us if your model can fit this adapter should you be unsure of the fit. We will not be held liable should you damage the adapter or in the worse case your watch in the process of installation.*

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